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From Mare Nostrum Hotel Club Thalasso, you can visit the following areas that are of close proximity:

  • Artemida's Archeological area
  • The Zoo in Spata
  • The commercial/shopping mall area in Athens International Airport (Ikea, Kotsobolos, Factory Outlet shops are located there)
  • Markopoulos and Artemida areas for shopping, banks, pharmacies etc
  • Rafina, Porto Rafti and Sounion for a stroll, a cup of coffee and Greek cuisine
  • The ports of Rafina and Lavrion for transportation to the Cycladic Islands

For further inquiries, bookings as well as for the planning of daily escapes/excursions, kindly get in touch with the hotel’s reception team.

The Archaeological Museum of Vravrona

The renovated museum, 50 km east of Athens, re-opened in August 2009, and is well-known from the Classical Antiquity period as the place of worship for Vravronia (Brauon) Artemis, the mythical goddess of nature and fertility, protector of wild animals and people’s safe birth. The myth has it that Artemis, being enraged from the killing of two small female bears, she caused an epidemic in Athens. She then asked an oracle to tell Athenians that all local girls aged 5-10 years should devote their lives to her. Athenians obeyed her command and brought all girls to her temple, where they spend big period of their childhood serving her and participating in celebrations organized in there. The girls were called arkti (bears). The celebrations in honor of the goddess were called Vravronia and included music events, sports and poetry.


The Archaeological Museum of Vravrona
19003, Markopoulo, Mesogeia, Attica Greece
Tel: (+30) 22990 27020