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Tentative Schedule for Meeting
«20 years of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease and related synucleinopathies: from the bedside to the bench and back to the patient»

September 7, 2017

16.00-18.00 Pre-meeting Clinical Workshop, including educational videos and interactive case presentations of patients with synucleinopathies
Chairs: Maria Stamelou, Wolfgang Oertel
Participants: Stanley Fahn, Leonidas Stefanis, Eduardo Tolosa, and others

18.00-18.15 Short Break

18.15-20.00 Session on PD therapies, past and present
Chairs: Leonidas Stefanis, Eduardo Tolosa
Introductory Comments: Leonidas Stefanis
18.15-19.00 Update on current therapies for advanced PD, Wolfgang Oertel
19.00-20.00 Inaugural Lecture
50 years of dopamine supplementation therapy in Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders, Stanley Fahn

September 8, 2017

8.30-9.45 Sporadic PD (1)
Chairs: Thomas Gasser, Leonidas Stefanis
GWAS and beyond, Thomas Gasser
Transcriptional and translational control of SNCA, Epaminondas Doxakis
Epigenetic control of SNCA, Mathias Toft
Mosaicism: Could it be involved in SNCA regulation in sporadic PD?, Christos Proukakis
Gene-environment interaction in sporadic PD, Alexis Elbaz

09.45-11.15 Sporadic PD (2)
Chairs: Glenda Halliday, Ken Marek
Neuropathological studies in longitudinally followed cohorts of sporadic PD, Glenda Halliday
CSF Biomarkers in sporadic PD, Paolo Calabresi
Novel assays to assess alpha-synuclein aggregation in synucleinopathies, Alison Green
Peripheral Biomarkers in sporadic PD, Ken Marek
Inflammation in PD: Lessons from animal models and imaging studies, Marina Romero-Ramos
The link between Nurr-1 and alpha-synuclein in the aging brain, Demitris Vasilatis


11.45-12.15 COFFEE BREAK

12.15-13.30 SNCA-dependent genetic synucleinopathies
Chairs: Aglaia Athanasiadou, Leonidas Stefanis
Historical aspects of the Contursi kindred, Paolo Barone
The clinical picture and Biomarker studies in the Greek Contursi kindred, Leonidas Stefanis
Neuropathology of SNCA-dependent genetic synucleinopathies, Janice Holton
What is the pathological function conferred by SNCA mutations?, Tiago Outeiro
iPS-derived neurons for the study of the Contursi kindred, Rebecca Matsas

13.30-14.00 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION ON SNCA-dependent genetic synucleinopathies

14.00-15.15 LUNCH

15.15-16.30 LRRK2-related synucleinopathies
Chairs: Roy Alcalay, Andy West
Update on LRRK2 genetics, Thomas Gasser
Clinical picture of LRRK2 cohorts, Eduardo Tolosa
CSF biomarkers in LRRK2 cohorts, Omar-el-Agnaf
Towards LRRK2-specific biomarkers, Hardy Rideout
Neurobiology of LRRK2 and its link to alpha-synuclein, Andy West

16.30-17.00 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION ON LRRK2-related synucleinopathies

17.00-17.30 COFFEE BREAK

17.30-18.30 GBA-related synucleinopathies
Chairs: Michael Schlossmacher, Ellen Sidransky
The genetic link of GBA to PD: Insights into pathogenesis, Ellen Sidransky
Clinical picture and Biomarkers in GBA-associated PD, Roy Alcalay
Insights into GBA-associated PD through the study of iPS-derived neurons, Matthew Gegg
Link of alpha-synuclein to GCase: Insights from experimental models, Pablo Sardi

18.30-19.00 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION ON GBA-related synucleinopathies

19.00-20.00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS I: The legacy of the Contursi kindred, John Hardy
19.00-19.10 Addresses by a Greek and an Italian member of the Contursi kindred
19.10-19.15 Introduction: Thomas Gasser
19.15-20.00 Keynote lecture, John Hardy

Cocktail reception will follow at the Hotel for all participants

September 9, 2017

8.30-9.45 Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Chairs: Ian McKeith and Philipp Kahle
The evolving spectrum of DLB, Ian McKeith
The genetics of DLB, John Hardy
DLB neuropathology, Glenda Halliday
Biomarkers in DLB, Elizabeth Kapaki
Animal models of DLB: Philipp Kahle

09.45-10.45 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
Chairs: Eduardo Tolosa, Ken Marek
Longitudinal follow-up of patients with RBD, Eduardo Tolosa
Polysomnography in the diagnosis of RBD, Anastasios Bonakis
Multimodal phenotyping of RBD, Wolfgang Oertel
Biomarkers in RBD: The PPMI study, Ken Marek


11.15-11.45 COFFEE BREAK

11.45-13.00 Multiple System Atrophy
Chairs: Gregor Wenning, Poul Henning-Jensen
The natural history of MSA, Gregor Wenning
Pitfalls in MSA diagnosis, Maria Stamelou
MSA neuropathology, Janice Holton
Cellular models of MSA, Poul Henning Jensen
Experimental therapeutics in MSA mouse models, Nadia Stefanova


13.30-14.30 LUNCH

14.30-15.45 NEUROBIOLOGY OF ALPHA-SYNUCLEIN I: Protein Homeostasis
Chairs: Katerina Paleologou and George Tofaris
Alpha-synuclein in the MAM, Serge Przedborski
Ligase-dependent regulation of alpha-synuclein, George Tofaris
Autophagy and alpha-synuclein, Maria Xilouri
Inter-connection between GCase and alpha-synuclein through the lysosome, Michael Schlossmacher
Regulation of alpha-synuclein extracellular clearance, Kostas Vekrellis

NEUROBIOLOGY OF ALPHA-SYNUCLEIN II: Protein Aggregation: 15.45-16.45
Chairs: Glenda Halliday, Hilal Lashuel
Biophysical properties of alpha-synuclein, Markus Zweckstetter
Forms of alpha-synuclein aggregates, Ronald Melki
Post-Translational modifications in alpha-synucelin as modifiers of toxicity and aggregation, Tiago Outeiro
Link of alpha-synuclein conformations to neurotoxicity, Hilal Lashuel

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Protein aggregation and homeostasis 16.45-17.15

COFFEE BREAK 17.15-18.00

Chairs: Kostas Vekrellis, Michel Goedert
The origin of extracellular alpha-synuclein, Evangelia Emmanouilidou
Inter-relationship of spreading to inflammation and lysosomal function, Seung-Jae Lee
Systemic transmission of alpha-synuclein strains, Veerle Baekelandt
Insights into alpha-synuclein transmission through viral models, Donato di Monte
Propagation models using synucleinopathy neuropathological material, Erwan Bezard
Are human neuropathological data consistent with the transmission hypothesis?, Glenda Halliday

19.30-20.00 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Alpha-synuclein spreading

20.00-20.50 KEYNOTE ADDRESS II: The legacy of Lewy Bodies
Maria-Grazia Spillantini, Michel Goedert
20.00-20.05 Introduction, Glenda Halliday
20.05-20.50 Keynote Lecture
Maria-Grazia Spillantini, Michel Goedert


September 10, 2017

8.45-9.40 Poster Awards
Chairs: PierFranco Spano, Kostas Vekrellis
6 Oral presentations of the best posters
(5 min presentation, 2 min discussion)

9.40-10.00 A receptor for alpha-synuclein transmission, Ted Dawson

10.00-11.30 Experimental Therapeutics
Chairs: Eliezher Masliah, Maria Grazia Spillantini
Active immunization therapeutics in synucleinopathy animal models, Eliezher Masliah
Alpha-synuclein antibodies as therapeutics in synucleinopathies – Focus on mechanism of action, Karina Fog
Small molecules as therapeutics in synucleinopathies, Armin Giese
Imaging and other outcomes in translational studies in synucleinopathy animal models, Deniz Kirik

11.30-12.00 COFFEE BREAK

12.00-14.00 Treatments in the Clinic
Chairs: Ken Marek, Eliezher Masliah
MSA Clinical Trials, Gregor Wenning
The prospect of imaging outcomes in clinical trials, David Brooks
ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION with company representatives from: UCB, Abbvie, Affiris, Biogen, Prothena, Bioarctic: Experimental therapeutics and Clinical Trials
Experimental therapeutics and Clinical Trials

14.00-14.10 Meeting wrap-up: Kostas Vekrellis and Leonidas Stefanis

This is just a tentative program, which may change substantially in terms of content and speakers, depending on new discoveries and directions of research in the field, as well as availability of speakers